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You Tried Big XII

This was the big week of college football opening up with a full slate of ACC games, other Division 1 schools, and the Big XII.

Finally football is back and I think the Big XII forgot to show up. I mean what an embarrassment. They absolutely shit the bed. I have been saying it for a while that Oklahoma is overrated because this conference does not play any defense. And well I was proven right. Texas and Oklahoma did their jobs on Saturday. As they should. But gees man the Sun Belt destroyed the other Big XII teams. Iowa State, Kansas, and Kansas State all lost to Sun Belt teams, and when I mean lost I mean slaughtered. Like they didn't even bother to play this season. And don't worry Texas Tech I didn't forget about you guys almost losing to an FCS school in Houston Baptist 35-33.

Thank you Sun Belt for deciding to play this year and actually showing up. Again I have been saying this for a while, The Big XII will be exposed someday and I think it finally did. The PAC-12 is literally doing better and looks like they're not having a season. From this moment forward I am declaring the Big XII the worse Power 5 conference in the nation.

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