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Why Trevor Bauer and Fernando Tatis Jr. Will Save Baseball

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We all know there are some problems with baseball nowadays, but there are two that stick out. Baseball's marketing problem and the age demographic. But hey at least it is trending right now, right? Right now there are two players trending in baseball and its Trevor Bauer and Fernando Tatis Jr., and they will be the saviors of this great game. This cannot, and I repeat cannot be 1950's baseball anymore. It just can't and it won't survive.

Baseball has a fan base that is a lot older then the NBA and NFL. But why? It's because football and basketball are always adapting and attracting younger fans. Baseball needs to do the same. We need the flashy plays to happen, and we need players to be more memorable to an average sports fan. That is where I think Bauer and Tatis come in.

First off, Bauer has been the most active on social media. He is always active on Twitter and speaks his mind about the game. I mean come on, with whats going on with Bauer and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is like what every football player goes through with Roger Goodell. Plus he has his own Youtube Channel showing off his life and hobbies. We rave all the time about LeBron James and Taco Tuesdays. Let's see where Bauer is going to take his drone next. Bauer is the lead of this charge of finding younger eyes to watch the game.

While Bauer is doing everything off the field for baseball, and right now on the field since he's becoming the best pitcher in the league this year, but he's not the face baseball. That's Fernando Tatis Jr. Now look, I'm not saying he's the best player, he's just the face. But why isn't the best player the face? Why isn't it Mike Trout? Well the problem is, while I think Trout can be marketable, he doesn't want to be, he just isn't out there much. If you are a baseball fan, like a die hard, following everything about the game, the first thing you do when you check out yesterdays highlights you're looking to see what Mike Trout did. But other sports fans who are not into baseball that much really don't care. They care about flash, pop, and personality. And that's okay if Trout isn't any of that.

If you go back to the late 90's and early 2000's, Bonds was the best player, but that flashy player young kids were impersonating was Ken Griffey Jr. Junior had swag that was iconic. If you grew up in the early 90's you would always see Junior at batting practice with a big smile on his face and his hat on backwards. Not to mention he was the cover of almost every baseball video game.

Anyway's this is my point of why the baseball demographic needs to change, especially if were calling Tatis the face of the game. In a game against the Texas Rangers, the Padres led by 7 runs. At the top of the eighth inning, Tatis is up to bat with the bases loaded with no outs. On a 3-0 pitch he swings and hits a grand slam. Everyone should be excited right? Wow, the young face of baseball hits a huge grand salami. Well wrong. Apparently, there is an unwritten rule in baseball that you cannot do that, and some old farts got mad about it. Leading this "great" charge was Texas Rangers manager Chris Woodward. Guess what Chris, you made a fool out of yourself, and not a lot of people are not on

(Just listen to the voice of the Padres get excited, and look how butt hurt Chris Woodward is)

your side. Surprisingly, Padres manager Jayce Tingler made Tatis apologize in the post game press conference. Excuse me? Apologize for what? Hitting the fattest fastball in the world all the way to LA? Boosting the lead? Ever heard of, "it ain't over till it's over", Jayce? The only thing Tatis did wrong that day was apologize. I'm sorry but if you want a younger and bigger audience, and fans to be talking about the game, then screw the unwritten rules and let the kids play. No one is going to be excited about Tatis taking a fastball or getting walked. That's not poster worthy in anyone's book. Baseball, do you want to be saved? Then stick to your word and let the kids play.

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