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What is going on with the Big 10?

A lot has been happening in the college football world. We've had teams, players, coaches, and conferences cancel or opt out of the 2020 season. If you want just straight up my opinion on the whole ordeal on whether or not there should be a season, I say yes.

I think if you are a player, or a coach and you feel you should opt out on your own stakes, then go right ahead. If you feel it is unsafe and you could affect others, then by all means do so. But for the teams to cancel the season collectively and conference's as well, I do not agree with.

Here is the dramatic story with the Big 10. If the Big 10 was a person, they'd be that little kid that can't decide which ice cram flavor they want. Just pick! The whole thing is getting kind of ridiculous. First they opt out. Then comes the petition to play led by Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Then the Big 10 parents protested. Now was another vote to start the season later in the fall. Only Ohio State, Nebraska, and Iowa voted to continue the season. To cap it all off the commissioner of the Big 10, Kevin Warren ( who by the way has a son playing in the SEC), talked to President Trump about a potential season.

Now I want all football to comeback, but if a conference were to play I would want the Big 10. Literally, from the nerd fan at Rutgers, to the President of The United States wants it back. Overall, they just need to play. I don't know what's up the Big 10's asses but just play.

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