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Welcome Back SEC!

I am going to keep this short, and get everyone excited. The SEC is back baby!

First, I think we should all thank the ACC and yes even the BIg XII (pathetic performance so far), for holding down the fort. But yes we made it, the SEC is back. Even if you're not an SEC fan, you should be excited that they are back. Even SEC haters are secretly excited that they're back. It actually does feel college football is all the way back even though we're missing the Big 10 and PAC 12.

Nick Saban and the Tide are back, Hotty Toddy is back with the Lane Train, the Swamp is back, the DAWGS are back, Jimbo is back, the Tennessee fans that constantly tell you, "It feels like '98" are back, War Eagle is back, and Coach O and the Defending National Champs are back!!

We've got new faces and personalities in the SEC with Lane Kiffen, Mike Leach, and Sam Pittman. And I cannot wait for this year's Egg Bowl with Kiffen and Leach.

A full slate of SEC games is exactly what the College Football world needs right now and the matchups this Saturday are going to be fun to watch.

If you're not excited then let me put you in the mood. Put yourself in your living room or where ever you watch football. As the first slate of games is over, you've just eaten your first box of pizza and halfway done with your case of beer. It's a nice crisp, 65 degrees outside, and once you are getting ready for the mid-afternoon games to kickoff you hear this in the background.


Welcome back SEC!

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