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Uh, What Was Your Reason For Not Watching Austin Peay vs Central Arkansas??

You know those questions you get when something historical happens? Like where were you when the Cubs won the World Series? Or unfortunately when COVID hit and everything was shut down? I can go on but you get it. What about where were you when College Football came back? That's right I am saying that some silly unimportant FCS college football game between Austin Peay and Central Arkansas was historical. And you should've watched it.

I don't care if I am in the minority in this take, and honestly screw people who didn't watch this game. With everything going on, I do not care who the teams are. I can't even tell you where Austin Peay is on a map. But you know what I didn't really care. "Oh it's FCS who are these teams, what a waist of time". Listen up, half of college football is probably not going to play this year. Plus, who knows more teams could opt out this season. So if you're a college football fan like me, and you're missing it and hoping we have a season, then you should have been watching this game.

Plus the game opened up with a touchdown on the first play! Maybe it's a sign that things are looking up for 2020. Maybe? Doubt it? I don't know? But who cares, even though the rest of the game wasn't good, it still felt great to be watching college football again.

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