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The PAC-12 Is Dead, And No One Really Cares

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

It's sad actually. But also funny at the same time. It's sad for those players I really do feel for them, and they should honestly consider transferring. Especially seniors. And if you are a PAC-12 fan, which I can assume that they're not that many of you out there, it must really suck. The reason why it is so funny is because the PAC-12 is usually the butt of every college football joke. I mean they're just not relevant. The conference has not made the College Football Playoff (CFP) since 2016. The only relevant thing that has come out that conference is Christian McCaffrey, and sometimes Oregon or Washington.

Right now four of the five power conferences are playing or are going to play this year. The SEC, ACC, and Big XII lead the way in playing this year, and I think the Big 10 finally just caved in because they realized that, yes you can play football safely this year. Once they saw everyone playing, I am sure they realized they made a mistake. I mean even President Trump talked to Big 10 Commissioner, Kevin Warren about needing to play.

College football fans from all over the country just really do not care about the PAC-12. Everyone is doing very well without them. No one, and I mean not even POTUS, cares. And it's not our faults. You can blame the conference itself, because they don't care either. They only reason why there was an out cry for the Big 10, was because people and fans living in Big 10 country actually cared.

Until people out on the west coast and people that work within the PAC-12, actually start to care and realize that it is safe to play football, the rest of the country is not going to care. And I mean again everyone knows that Oregon was their only shot getting into the CFP. But let's be real, in these circumstances, it's

going to be two SEC teams, Oklahoma or Texas, Clemson, or maybe Notre Dame if two do not come out of the SEC this year.

Bottom line PAC-12, until you start caring, the rest of the country will.

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