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The National League Should Not Have The Designated Hitter

I am a traditional kind of guy. I like things the way they are. Let's just say I am one of those types of people that are not a fan of change, especially in sports. Once I started watching sports as a young kid, I thought, why change the things that are already established in the game? For example, I hate how the first round of the NBA playoffs was expanded to seven games. I think that is so stupid. I get why because of money, but let's be honest the #1 seed very rarely loses or goes seven games in the playoffs. Also, just this year we have expanded the NFL playoffs to seven teams from each conference. Why? Yes, because money I get it. But now you want more mediocrity in the playoffs? When was the last time a Wild Card Team won the Superbowl? It was ten years ago when the Green Bay Packers did it. Since the Wild Card was implemented in 1980, there have been only 6 of those teams to win the Superbowl. Now you want another team? Sure it could be fun to see, but we know it will take a miracle for a seventh seed to win.

This brings me to my point. The MLB and Rob Manfred are trying to make baseball more appealing to people who don't care about baseball. All the rules and changes that were established this year are fine because of the COVID situation. But now Manfred wants to keep some of these rules that were in the COVID year. One of them is to add the Designated Hitter (D.H.) in the National League, which luckily will not happen in the 2021 season.

Now if you were to ask me if I liked Rob Manfred, I would simply reply, "no". I think he's awful, and I think he is ruining the game. I am not going to get into all the rule changes he wants, because this blog post would take forever. So I am just going to pick the one change he wants, and honestly what other baseball fans want too.

Putting in the D.H. in the National League would take away all the strategy in the game of baseball. Baseball is a forever changing game once that first pitch is thrown. Every situation, detail, and decision all changes after each pitch. And that is what baseball is all about. Baseball is a mental game, and if you take away something that makes baseball what it is, then where is the strategy that this great game gives us? And you know what? I may be in the minority in this. I know a lot of baseball fans would love to see that happen. But let me give you a hot take. If the D.H. is implemented in the National League, then more and more changes will come. Changes that will not appeal to the real baseball fans. I know that's what Manfred will do. And won't be just the changes we saw in the COVID season. There will be a lot more changes just to give Manfred more money in his pocket.

I don't know, maybe it is because I am a traditionalist, and hate to see something that I love change for people who don't give a rats ass about baseball, and won't watch it no matter how many changes Manfred makes. He had already done so much to piss baseball fans off, plus players and owners. This decision will only come back to bite us in the ass. But baseball fans, I am telling you right now, you don't want this.

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