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Ron Rivera Just Threw In the Season

I'm really at a loss. I don't get the move, I disagree with the move, I think it's a terrible move.

Yesterday, Head Coach Ron Rivera announced that he was benching second-year quarterback Dwyane Haskins, and the starter will now be Kyle Allen this Sunday.

What. The. Actual. Fuck. Ron.

I just don't understand it. And I am sure a lot of Washington fans are up in arms wondering the same thing. My hot take is that I think Ron Rivera does not like Haskins personally. I think there is a personal issue going on right now and it's showing.

There is absolutely no reason at all that Haskins should be benched, and there are a million reasons why. First, the NFC East is a dumpster fire this year. Anyone, probably except for the Giants, can win the division this year. It is WIDE OPEN. Which goes to my second point. Since it is a very down year for the NFC East, and anyone can win it, why don't you have your second-year quarterback get more experience for in-game situations? Rivera said yesterday, "He has an NFL arm, but not NFL experience". Terrible excuse Ron. Ya, no shit, he has only played in 11 NFL games. And are you forgetting that he only played 12 college football games?

Haskins is definitely not at fault for Washington being 1-3. Has he made mistakes? Yes, but so does every quarterback that's in his second year. But a lot of the reason why Washington is 1-3 are the in-game coaching decision made by Rivera himself, a bad offensive line, and both of your superstars on defense are out. Besides one game, Haskins has been having a good season. It's nothing to brag about, but it is definitely an improvement from last year.

I just don't understand. If he is going to be your franchise quarterback, then why are you benching him? I don't see the Giants or the Jets benching Daniel Jones or Sam Darnold, and they're having terrible seasons. Haskins is having a way better season than those two. Just look up everyone's stats. And let's be honest, Kyle Allen is trash. He is not going to win at all. I don't know if Rivera likes Allen more because they had a relationship down in Carolina, but this is a garbage move with a below-average back-up quarterback. Oh, and ya did I mention that Haskins is benched? So that means one-legged Alex Smith is going to be the back-up this Sunday. Have you seen his leg? I have no idea how he is medically cleared to play right now. One bad fall on that leg and you can kiss it good-bye. As much as I want to see Alex Smith play again, I really don't think he should even be a back-up at this point. I hope in the future he proves me wrong.

Again, a lot of the reasons why Washington is 1-3 does not just fall on an improving Dwayne Haskins, Ron. A lot of the reason is because of you, and right now I think the towel has been thrown on a very good opportunity, to take advantage of this season and do something special. There is definitely a personal issue between the two, that's the only explanation why Rivera benched him. Frankly, all the reasons Rivera is giving on why he benched Haskins is bullshit.

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