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N.C. Is Under A Pot Of Gold, And It's College Football

When you think about which states in the U.S. are die hard college football, you most likely think of Texas. You might think of Florida and possibly Califorina just because of the amount of Divsion 1 FBS schools play there. Do you think about North Carolina? Probably not. And why is that? Well to sum it up, it is because UNC and Duke Basketball rivalry. This is why N.C. is considered to be a "basketball state", because this rivalry is one of the best in rivalries this country has to offer. Some say it is the best rivalry in sports, (if you are one of these people, sorry you're wrong it's Yankees v.s. Red Sox), but that's another topic for another time. Anyway's, that's what people talk about when the topic of N.C. sports comes about. The Carolina Panthers are not even talked about as much as these two bluebloods. Now before anyone start to think I am devaluing the Carolina Duke rivalry, I'm not. It is now of the best rivalries in sports and always will be.

Here is what I am saying. North Carolina has a huge opportunity at its door step to make college football fantastic. And here's why. First, N.C. is right outside of the heart of the SEC. It's football, football, football in the SEC. So wouldn't we want to promote the hell out of college football in N.C. Next, look a how many teams N.C. has at the FBS level. SEVEN. N.C. is right up there with Califonia (7 FBS teams), Florida (7 FBS teams), and Texas (11 FBS teams). But not only does N.C. have 7 FBS teams, but 4 of them are all in the same conference (ACC 4- UNC, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest). That compares with the 4 in Califorina (PAC-12- Stanford, Cal, UCLA, USC), and the 4 in Texas (Big XII- Texas, Texas Tech Baylor, TCU). What also helps is that the other three schools are in Group of 5 Conferences, so there is exploitation and reach to other parts of the nation.

How to fix it. Exploit it more and play each other more. That's it. First the Big 4 should all be playing each other every yea, but that's more of an ACC issue. But nonetheless, the Big 4 should play each other very year. And the rivals should be playing each other at the end of the year. The best week in college football is rivalry week. Promote it more and more. Let Wake play Duke and State play UNC every rivalry week. I'm sorry, but no one cares about Wake vs Boston College or Duke vs Pitt on rivalry week. Especially when the teams are mediocre most of the time. At least it'll be an in state matchup. That should get citizens on N.C. excited. And as for the Group of 5 schools, they should be playing the Big 4 every year. Come on, Wake vs App State in 2017 was electric. It is also heated when ECU plays State.

The potential is there. Just have to have the matchups and promote it.

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