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Mormons vs Mullets

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Step aside "Catholics vs Convicts" there's a new rivalry in college football that involves religion and swag. Welcome to "Mormons vs Mullets", college football's newest heated rivalry.

BYU vs Coastal Carolina. These two schools could not be more opposite. On one side you have a school that has strong religious beliefs, and on the other side, you have a school where they can take your girlfriend just by flipping their hair back, and not giving a crap.

If you do not know the back story of this game, let me just give you a reader's digest. Both teams are in the Group of Five, ranked in the top 25, and undefeated. Coastal was supposed to play Liberty this Saturday. But due to COVID issues in the Liberty program, the game was canceled. BYU, an independent Group of Five team, has already finished their schedule and is undefeated at 9-0. But in this COVID year, you would want to play as close to 12 games as possible. The University of Washington asked to play BYU, but that was not handled well and due to disagreements the game did not happen. Because of the Liberty cancellation, it opened an opportunity for BYU and Coastal to play.

There are a couple of things at stake in this game. If both teams were to stay undefeated it is guaranteed that they will end up in a New Year's Six Bowl. But more importantly, especially more for BYU, a possible College Football Playoff spot.

So things are heated, and a lot is riding on this game. This matchup could not have been more evenly matched, and more heated. After a Hail Mary throw by BYU's quarterback Zach Wilson to end the half, it was intercepted, and a fight broke out. Going into the half BYU was up 14-13.

With so many things riding on this game, and fight already breaking out, you know it would come down to the last play. With 3 seconds left at the Coastal eighteen-yard line, and the score is 22-17 Coastal, BYU needs a touchdown. Zach Wilson throws a dart to his receiver but is stopped short at the two-yard line and the game is over.

Why don't we relive it?

This was by far one of the best games of the year. And I believe that these two teams need to play every year forever. Do these teams have a previous history? No. But this was a rivalry that was not forced. Rivalries just happen naturally, mainly because you are opposites. You don't have to be in the same conference, be in the same state, or even fight for the same recruits. One school is religious and in the mountains of Utah. The other is a party school and on the beaches of South Carolina.

A new rivalry is born in college football and needs to be played more often. Welcome "Mormons vs Mullets."

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