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Make Way For Some New Blood In CBB

When you think of the "Blue Blood" programs in college basketball, who do you think of? The obvious teams that are always in the AP Top 25 rankings each week. Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Michigan State, UCLA, Kansas, and Indiana right? Well none of them are in the Top 25, and we'll be lucky to see two of these teams make the tournament this year.

Suddenly, there are new dominating teams ruling the top of the Top 25 rankings week in and week out. Teams that have been waiting their turn to be at the top like Gonzaga, Baylor, and Michigan. And teams that we didn't expect to see consistently being at the top like Texas, Illinois, and yes even Alabama. Trust me I know I am not talking college football right now.

Let's start with the first three teams I have listed. They have been waiting to be where the "Blue Bloods" usually are. Yes, we have seen Gonzaga at the top before, but the difference is is that they have the wins this year. They've beaten top teams to strengthen their resume, and to make sure that this isn't a fake No. 1 seed. Baylor has been waiting to be at the top of the Big XII Conference and now this year, they are not being overshadowed by Kansas or losing to other teams in the Big XII, and still remain undefeated in the best conference in college basketball. Michigan is the clear best team in the BIG 10, even with the one slip up against Minnesota and a conference that beats each other up, they remain at the top with one loss. And Michigan State isn't in their way.

As for the teams we didn't expect to sustain this much success, Texas was very unclear and we were anticipating when Shaka Smart would turn the corner with the Texas program. I personally thought Illinois was overrated, but they are still hanging around even with being in the Big 10. And who knew Alabama was going to go on a huge win streak and put themselves in a position to be a No. 4 seed in the tournament?

There are new faces in college basketball, and it is kind of nice to see that. Who knew we would see a Duke vs UNC game where both teams were unranked. That hasn't happened since Coach K was still in college.

Will we continue to see these new faces? Anything can happen. The "Blue Bloods" are all struggling and none of them are ranked, but they'll be back at the top sooner or later, but again it is kind of nice to see new teams dominating the sport.

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