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Kobe Is Smiling

It just seemed very fitting this year. Everyone knows that 2020 has sucked, and unfortunately it all started with the passing of Kobe Bryant on January 26th. Once that happened you knew that LeBron was going to do everything he could to win it all this year, being that he is a Laker and Kobe's best friend.

But then the pandemic hit and everything had to stop for a while. We didn't even know if not only basketball but sports would come back at all this year. But it did.

In a year where pretty much everyone wants to forget 2020 happened, it is ironic how this will be one, if not the, most fairytale/storyline season for Lakers Nation. Sure, we can always crack jokes that Lakers fans are part of the whole Dallas Cowboy/New York Yankee/Duke Basketball fan base. But for all the LA Lakers fans that have been ride or die with this organization forever, they're the ones that deserve this championship the most. Just for what they have been through all year not only losing a Lakers and NBA legend but even a legend for the world outside of basketball. In fact, even the whole basketball world didn't know that they needed this championship for the Lakers.

It's a hell of a rollercoaster story, with lots of emotion, heartache, and mourning for this franchise and the basketball world. But in the end, you can't write this stuff. That's the beauty of sports. There is always an ending that we hoped and wanted. And for basketball, it was LeBron carrying the torch for his best friend Kobe Bryant.

Also, go back and watch these old commercials, they will always be funny.

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