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Is Wake Forest the Best Team in NC? Yes

Yes, Wake Forest is the best team in North Carolina. A few months ago there was an article that 24/7 Sports did on Dave Clawson. Clawson claimed that Wake is the best team in NC at the moment. I sided with Dave and his remarks saying that him and his squad are the best.

Fast forward to today, I still believe that. Right now their only competition is Appalachian State. It's unfortunate that we are not going to see a rematch this year. Back in 2017, Wake won an absolute thriller, sealing it with a blocked field goal at The Rock 20-19. Now looking back on the last few years, Wake has proven why they are the best in NC. They have won 3 out 4 against Duke, their last 3 against NC State, and they beat UNC last year. You can also go as far as saying since Clawson took over the job, he has beaten all the FCS schools he has faced in the state as well.

But with a 10 game conference schedule this year and one out of conference game, presents two new opponents in NC that were not on the schedule. That's the Tar Heels. With an unforgettable game last year, and a highly anticipated season for UNC, we get to see one hell of a rematch. While I really wish Wake and App St. would play this year, and become Wakes only out of conference game, that originally was going to be Old Dominion. But they have cancelled their season, so now Wake's new opponent will be the Campbell Camels. Although FCS, it is another NC opponent.

Wake does need to continue to improve, they have gotten this far but teams like NC State and App St are not going to bend over. And I do hope sometime in the next few years Wake schedules App St. soon, as I believe is something that the North Carolina needs.

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