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Let me just start off by saying Oklahoma is and will forever be a "Blue Blood" of college football. There are only a handful of teams that can say that they are a tier one football program. And throughout college football history, Oklahoma deserves to be called the top tier in the college football world, along with Alabama, Notre Dame, Texas, Miami, etc. But you're wrong if you think have been a threat in college football in the last five years.

Again, I don't hate Oklahoma. I've liked the players that have come out of that program, and I think Lincoln Riley is a decent coach. But here's a fact. The last five years they have been frauds. They just can't keep up, and can't play defense. Yes, I get it, the whole Big XII Conference is known for high scoring and no defense. But if your top team in that conference should have at least one College Football Playoff (CFP) win. People give Clemson a lot of grief for not playing in a tough conference and they get in the CFP because the ACC is so easy. The difference is, Clemson has won the CFP twice. And they beat teams like Alabama, Ohio State, and yes Oklahoma.

I've written about this before and have said it for a while now, but the Big XII is just not good. I really do think Oklahoma would struggle big time if they were in the SEC. Let's put it this way. If you had Oklahoma play the worse SEC defensive team right now, which arguably is Ole Miss, I am taking the Rebels to win. SEC defense is just different. Plus, Oklahoma doesn't have the talent this year to keep up offensively as well. Even with the better talented quarterback's they have had in the pass like Baker, Kyler, and even Jalen. They are 0-4 in the CFP losing to Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, and LSU.

Right now Oklahoma does not have an answer, and I do not think they are going to change anytime soon. Honestly, if Lincoln Riley doesn't win a CFP game in the next three years it could mean the hot seat for him. I know Spencer Rattler is only a freshmen, but if Lincoln Riley had a more talented and experienced quarterback then he would be a lot closer to that hot seat. And I'm sorry, I don't care who your quarterback is but if you can't beat Kansas State and Iowa State, after they lost to group of five schools then you have to fix something and fast. Because Spencer Rattler (The Imposter) is exposing what Oklahoma has secretly been the last five years, frauds.

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