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Are There Really Miami Fans?

Well, it's true. There are not any passionate Miami sports fans. The Heat winning the Eastern Conference Finals made me realize that there are not a lot of Miami fans and that it is not a sports town. They're honestly the worse city/fan base when it comes to passion and loyalty. They're nowhere near to New York, the Bay Area, Chicago, or Philadelphia. Miami makes Los Angeles more of a sports town if you compare the two. And that's not saying much. Funny how both cities are in the NBA finals. Anyway, don't believe me? Let me prove it.

Before Hurricanes fans get mad, this fan base is legit. There are passionate Miami Hurricane fans in the city and all over the nation. The U is the only thing going for the Miami fan base when it comes to loyalty and passion.

Miami Heat

Why don't we start off with the Heat? This organization is actually the closest it'll get for Miami to be a sports town. There is a passion for the Heat. But really you can thank Dwayne Wade for that, and let's be real there were probably more LeBron fans then there were actual Heat fans for those two championships. But hey, good for the real Heat fans sticking with the team before and after Lebron. It might look like Jimmy Butler has a home.

Miami Dolphins

Now the Dolphins. When was the last time they were relevant? Thirty or forty years ago? Dolphin fans haven't shown up since they pissed away Dan Marino's career. I'm sure there are those fans still holding on and are happy about Tua and the future, but they're irrelevant and just not passionate at all.

Miami Marlins

Oh yes, now the Marlins. I really feel bad for this organization. Half the city doesn't even know that they have a Major League Baseball team, and those that do probably do not know that the team has actually won two World Championships. Most of the city doesn't even know that they have made the playoffs this year. The last time Marlins Park was sold out was the 2017 All-Star Game. Their most loyal fan known as "Marlins Man", a season ticket holder, will never show up to a game again because Derek Jeter told him he can't have his tickets. Now he is seeking new teams to root for! Who tells their most passionate fan they can't have their season tickets, and actually needs to negotiate for them?? A FAN was making a team relevant. Wow. I would never negotiate my season tickets for a piss poor organization like that. The organization had two MVP's and traded them away. The best thing they have done is getting rid of that ridiculous sculpture in center field. Since winning the 2003 World Series here are the top 5 headlines for the Marlins.

  1. Name change

  2. Traded Giancarlo Stanton

  3. Traded Christian Yelich

  4. Death of Jose Fernandez (RIP)

  5. Marlins Man leaving

I'm just waiting until they move the organization out of Miami. They really just do not care about baseball.

Florida Panthers

Oh yeah, the Florida Panthers. Almost forgot they existed.

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