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A's vs The Cheaters, The Series We've Been Waiting For

This is what needed to happen in the 2020 playoffs. Everyone hates the Astors a.k.a. The Cheaters. No one wanted The Cheaters to makes the playoffs in 2020. But with the playoff expansion this year they were able to sneak in with a 29-31 record. Fine, that's fair. But listen don't glow about it like you're high shit.

I'm talking to you Carlos Correa. Buddy get off your high horse. Congratulations, you made an expanded playoff with a losing record. As well as everyone's batting average is significantly worse this year. Dude, you beat the Twins. Do you realize they haven't won a playoff GAME, not a series, a GAME since 2004? They're 0-18 since then! And you're gloating, and supposedly, "shutting the haters up" because you won the best of 3 series against the Twins. Also another news flash dude, no one is hating you guys because you're good and we want to see you lose. Everyone hates you because you cheated and we want to see you suspended.


First of all, the writer in this article is stupid. Look at this title! "Lays Down Gauntlet On Astros Haters". LMAO! Correra is only laying down so the A's can steamroll them.

Please just watch this delusional man. "What are they gonna say now"? How about A's in 3? Since they're the ones who have to watch you win the division every year you cheated, and they've absolutely kicked your ass all year. I mean honestly, we talk about the Dodgers and Yankees getting robbed, how about the guys who've been seeing them win the division and getting an easier path in the playoffs? I hope the A's destroy the Astros. I hope there is another brawl and shit-talking. Even better than the fight earlier this season.

Put The Cheaters in their place A's. Let's Go Oakland!

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