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2020 Is The Year A Group Of 5 Team Gets In The CFP

Why not? This year is already screwed up enough, so it would make sense for a Group of 5 team to get in this year. Sitting here right now there are five teams that are still undefeated that actually have a shot of getting in the playoff this year. Cincinnati, BYU, Coastal Carolina, Marshall, and Boise State.

These five teams are all ranked and have won a lot of convincing games that put them at the level of Power 5 teams. But here is actually why one of these teams will get in. Let's take Cincinnati for example since they are the highest-ranked of these five schools at #6. Chaos is already happening in college football and it will continue to happen.

Let's just assume in this scenario there are three teams already in the CFP. Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio St. Now let's try to see how Cincinnati can get in that last spot.

First, we can kiss the Big XII hopes goodbye thanks to Oklahoma St. losing to Texas. Next, the PAC-12 is interesting. The only team I see having a shot of getting in is Oregon, but even if they finish undefeated, their strength of schedule is in question. They only play six games this year and none of the teams are ranked. I just don't think there is enough for the PAC-12's best team to get in. Plus one loss at all, then there's no shot at all.

Then there's the conversation of either two ACC teams or two SEC teams getting in. Those teams right now would be Georgia or Notre Dame in that last spot. It's very simple to debunk these teams. First, assuming Georgia gets to the SEC Championship, Alabama just needs to beat them one more time. Next, all Clemson needs to do is beat Notre Dame next week and in the ACC Championship assuming they get in. Even with Trevor Lawrence out next week, it is still very doable for Clemson to beat the Irish.

So far things are looking good for Ex. Cincinnati to get in. The Big XII is out, the PAC-12 I don't think has enough, even if their best team goes undefeated. Then Alabama just needs to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship and Clemson needs to beat Notre Dame twice. Extremely doable for all of this to happen. And why not? It's 2020 anything can happen.

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