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2020 Is Now Or Never For Baker Mayfield And Someone Soon Will Replace Him

I am a big Baker Mayfield guy. I love his story because it is an underdog story and I am a sucker for underdog story, and who isn't? I loved him in college and I was rooting for him in the College Football Playoff (CFP). I also think he was Oklahoma's best shot at winning the CFP when they barely lost to Georgia in overtime in 2018. I will admit I was a little shocked he went 1st overall in the draft, but mostly very happy for him.

He is a guy who has been doubted all of his career and has been proving a lot people wrong so far. But the haters are coming back, and right now rightfully so. He gave Cleveland hope his rookie year, and then the Browns built a team around him during the off season by getting a legit receiving core, a great running back, and offensive line. You'd think he would've built on that and the Browns would have made the playoffs, but they regressed.

Now going into his third year he needs to lead this team into the playoffs this year or else Cleveland will go back to a quarterback graveyard. Week one of the season was not a good start at all. Now I didn't expect them to beat the Ravens, but I mean come on. They got their doors blown off. At least make this divisional game competitive. Right now Baker and the Browns are closer to the Bengals, then they are to the Steelers and the Ravens. Which leads me to this game tonight against the Bengals.

Baker cannot and I mean CANNOT lose this game. In fact he needs to go off against the Bengals. The reason why is Joe Burrow. Burrow is in the same position as Baker was two years ago. Both Heisman winners, both underdog stories, both transfers in college, both in a process of rebuilding dumpster fire NFL franchises in the AFC North in Ohio lol. While I think Burrow is going to be the better quarterback in the future, Baker cannot let this slip.

Let's put it this way if Baker loses this game, Big Dick Joe is going to be smoking cigars.

And Baker is going to look smaller than he usually does in that Hulu commercial.

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