Welcome to The Cover Sports. A Blog/Pod Website on everything sports-related. This blog is just my perspective on anything that I find trending in the sports world. I will talk about anything that happens and give you my honest and personal take on it.

Got any suggestions on or comments about the blog? Go ahead and email me at thecoversports@gmail.com. Feel free to signup and subscribe to the blog. You will be able to comment on any of my posts and I would love to comment back and be interactive with all of my subscribers. 

Also, I have started a new podcast, The Waterboys. This podcast is hosted by myself and co-hosted and produced by my old college roommate, Jack. In this podcast, you will hear us talk about our favorite teams, such as NC State Athletics. We will also have a lot of content about our takes and opinions on everything else happening in the sports world.

Go ahead and give us a listen! Every episode is under the podcast tab, and we are also on Spotify! We want to interact and talk to our listeners, so subscribe to the podcast, follow us on Twitter @WaterBoys_Pod, and email us with questions @waterboysofficialpod@gmail.com. We would love to do listener emails at the end of a show, so any questions or takes you have go ahead and tell us them. And lastly, we are on Tik Tok @WaterBoysPod. We post funny things that come out of the podcast and highlight what we have talked about. Soon we will be on other platforms such as YouTube!

Thanks so much for the support and can't wait to see where this goes!